Dine-In Service

As restaurants start to open up again, we want to make sure our restaurant partners who offer dine-in are ready to safely welcome back their customers. So what are the benefits of using our Online Dine-In Ordering Platform and QR code flyers?

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Top 10 Benefits of Digital Dine-In Ordering

1. Keep customers and staff safer

No more passing menus around! Reduce face-to-face contact and create a more hygienic way of ordering food, mitigating the risk of spreading viruses.

2. Save money on printing costs

Why pay money to print menus that people don’t want to touch anyway? Save your business money by using a digital dine-in menu with no need to print physical menus anymore.

3. Deliver a faster table turnover

No more waiting to be served! Get more customers through the door and increase revenue, whilst creating a more efficient restaurant service that improves customer satisfaction.

4. Boost the average order value

Did you know that digital food orders tend to be 20% higher? It’s easier to upsell and increase spend through online menus as customers are not shy to order more items.

5. Increase customer retention

Don’t lose out on customer data! Capture your dine-in data so that you can re-target customers and remind them to order again, increasing the number of customers returning.

6. Instantly update your menu

No need to worry when you run out of a menu item! You can easily update your digital menu in partner centre free of charge, creating a better design and menu management system with no fuss.

7. Improve the customer experience

Contactless ordering is a more convenient and quicker way of ordering for the customer, which also improves your order accuracy. No more misheard orders!

8. Encourage app downloads

The customers are already on their phone, so why not download your app too? It’s great for customer loyalty and you can re-target customers using app push notifications.

9. Spend more time on the food

With staff spending less time writing down orders and more time bringing food to customers, it speeds up table turnover and means that you can focus on the food more!

10. It’s the new normal!

Contactless ordering has become the new normal. Customers simply scan the QR code on your flyer or table talker and it sends them straight to your website to order!

So if your restaurant business offers dining-in, don’t miss out! Simply register your interest in our Dine-In Service and make sure you are ready to safely welcome back your dine-in customers.

Get Dine-in Service!