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Google is your new street address, and your website is your new storefront



We build your website to have a high performance on Google (SEO). This is where your customers find you. Make sure that you are present online!

Google My Business (GMB)


</p><h5>• Your online business card</h5><h5>• Link to your official website</h5><h5>• Source of traffic from Google Maps</h5><h5>• Source of traffic from Google Search</h5><p></br>

Google Ads


</p><h5>• Promote your Business online</h5><h5>• Increase traffic to your website</h5><h5>• Target the right customers</h5><p></br>

Optimise your google

Social Media


We help you create and promote your Facebook and Instagram page, where you can engage with your customers.

  • Create your business page on Instagram and Facebook
  • Implement “Shop Now” button on Facebook
  • Produce weekly content
  • Engage with your customers
  • Increase website traffic


Start with Social Media

Email Marketing


We have a catalogue of dynamic email marketing that we can send to your customers, encouraging them to order via your website.

  • Send recurring marketing emails to your customers
  • Promote your current campaigns
  • Boost Sales


Set up Email Campaign

App Notification


Your branded app allows you to send push notifications to your customers free of charge.

  • Send a message to the customers that have downloaded your App
  • App customers are very loyal – and order more frequently – than the ones from a website


Send Push Notification



OrderYOYO has partnerships with leading printing shops around the country, so we can provide favourable prices when it comes to printing flyers, menus and stickers for your restaurant. A great and simple way to show your customers that you have your own online storefront.



</p><h5>• Convert your walk-in customers</h5><h5>• Place a Flyer together with every order from a Food Portal</br></h5><p>



</p><h5>• Print a brand-new menu and highlight your official website</h5><h5>• Distribute your new menu</br></h5><p>



</p><h5>• Stick your official website in your windows and on your walls</h5><p>

Order Print Material