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What do you need to know about your business, for you to increase your profits and convert first time purchasers into loyal customers?

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Home – Your New 360° Business Overview

The new advanced Home area shows you everything you need, for you to get a quick overview of the most important business details – the perfect restaurant assistant!

  • Your new Home area serves up a real-time overview of total orders and turnover.
  • It provides live updates on all operational aspects, including total revenue, the average order value, and orders with delay.
  • You also have the option to set a custom overview, so you can compare progress from week to week, or month to month.
  • Scroll down to get an overview of easy-to-apply tips and tools to incorporate for further growth.
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My Business by OrderYOYO App is an easy-to-navigate window into improving your business and tracking performance each step of the way. A new digital business partner, so to speak, that will help you discover your strengths, focus your efforts, and improve your turnover.


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My Business is available for download on iOS and Android and we are ready on +44 1726 829 508 to get you started.