Startguide for your printer


Turn on your printer by pressing and holding the red button for approximately 5 seconds.


Follow these steps to connect the printer to the internet:
Menu > Wireless LAN > Scan Networks
Choose a network and type the WiFi code. Press F1 to change between lowercase / uppercase letters and numbers.


Follow these steps to adjust volume:
Menu > Audio > Key Tone Volume
Choose desired volume by using the arrow

Time Settings

Follow these steps for adjusting time settings:
Menu > Clock > Set Time > Select The Desired Time

Unclear printing?

Follow these steps to adjust the printing quality settings:
Menu > Settings > Contrast > Press Arrow Until You Reach 13

Print a previous order

Search and find the order you want to print by pressing the down-arrow button. Once you have found it simply press print.

Print more than one order

Follow these steps if you want print more than one copy of an order:
Menu > Manage Device > Settings > General Settings > Number of Prints > Enter the desired number of orders

Connection problems

If you have trouble connecting to the printer, try restarting you printer, disconnect your WiFi and then connect to WiFi again. If you still have connection problems, contact OrderYOYO support.

Important Information

  • Keep the printer switched on at all times

  • Only use the OrderYOYO charger to charge your printer

  • To cancel an order please contact OrderYOYO support

  • When purchasing paper rolls, note the dimensions: 57 x 45 x 12 mm

  • If your printer display shows “DNS-issue”, contact OrderYOYO support

Make sure to always have the black roller inserted in the printer. If the black roller is not inserted, the printer will not be able to print the order. If you have lost the black roller, or it is unable to roll correctly, please contact OrderYOYO support to have it replaced. Note, the white gear should be on the left side.