Your own ordering system

Direct orders to your restaurant

Your own app

With OrderYOYO, your restaurant gets its own app. The app is user-friendly, and your customers are able to order directly from you with just a few taps.

Your own website

With OrderYOYO, your restaurant gets its own website. On the website, your customers can order from your restaurant. We make sure that your customers find your website, when they search for you on Google.

The YOYO-effect

Your customers order more and more often

As a restaurant owner, it is all about making your customers order from you as often possible. With your own app and website, you give your customers a direct access to your restaurant online and we help you to engage with your customers to give offers and messages to order more. With OrderYOYO, you will increase both customer loyalty and your turnover with more orders and higher frequency in orders coming in.

Your customers all in one place

Less time spent on taking orders

Online orders are time efficient and it is a cheap solution for you. As a restaurant owner, you probably recognize when the phone is ringing with orders, customers are in line waiting to give their orders and food needs to be prepared, all at once. With your own online ordering system, you can gather all your orders in one place and save time and money. It is more convenient for you and your customers. Your food is the core of your business and with OrderYOYO, you will get more time to focus on just that.


Included in the monthly fee:
  • Hosting of the web and app
  • Customer Support
  • All updates to your platforms
  • Ongoing online advertising
  • Start-up marketing pack
  • All card transaction fees
  • App push notifications

Commission from as low as