What is Google My Business (GMB)?

Google My Business is your online business card. This is the first thing your customers see when they look after your restaurant on google maps and on google.  

Have you ever searched Google and seen a random business profile pop up? That’s a free local business listing called a Business Profile on Google.  

As a business owner, you want this to be you. Do you know if your customers find you, when they search for your business online? 

In a noisy online marketplace, local listings serve as a virtual billboard for customers who want to find you quickly and easily – especially when they’re hungry and ready to make a purchase.  


Why you should claim your Business Profile on Google? 

You want to ensure that you appear at the top of a Google search, and have correct information listed, in order to drive traffic to your website and increase your orders and revenue.   

For no additional cost, OrderYOYO can help you to ensure that your online business can be found instantly by optimising your Google My Business page.

Google My Business also improves your ranking in your local area amongst other restaurants. As such, customers looking for restaurants in your area will find you before others, if you have your Google My Business optimised. 

On top of this, it’s important that you do not give away your Google My Business listing to any of the food portals, or another company, as the hard work of optimising the page for your returning customers will be undone.  


How OrderYOYO can help you 

If you would like to find out more about optimising your Business Profile on Google, please feel free to get in touch. Our team of experts can help guide you through the process.