My Business App Explained: Performance

What do you need to know about your business, for you to increase your profits and convert first time purchasers into loyal customers?

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Performance – Reach Your Goals!

The new Performance-screen will push your business to the next level: set a specific goal, track your progress, and watch yourself succeed!

  • The Performance area in the My Business App provides you insights on monthly targets in terms of acquiring customers and keeping your current ones happy and hungry.
  • See whether your customers are predominantly app or website users
  • See if your customers are consistently coming back, or whether you need to entice them with an offer.
  • Get your team involved, reach all six business goals and you’ll know you’re well on the way to takeaway greatness!

My Business by OrderYOYO App is an easy-to-navigate window into improving your business and tracking performance each step of the way. A new digital business partner, so to speak, that will help you discover your strengths, focus your efforts, and improve your turnover.


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My Business is available for download on iOS and Android and we are ready on +44 1726 829 508 to get you started.